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Attention should be paid to the four points in the installation of thermal break aluminum doors and windows

Aluminum profile processing center for you to share the four points when the thermal break aluminum doors and windows equipment installation, because the work of the equipment may be affected, I hope this article can help you!


1. Power supply: since the common voltage of thermal break aluminum door and window equipment is 380V, we must pay attention to the connection of live wire and zero line when wiring. Generally speaking, door and window equipment manufacturers will distinguish different colors. Generally speaking, the live line is black or blue, and the zero line is red (depending on the situation of each factory). If the live wire is connected reversely, only two wires need to be switched at both ends of the live wire.
 2. Air source: because the pressing materials of thermal break aluminum doors and windows are compressed by air cylinder, especially the processing and cutting saw of thermal break aluminum profile, end milling machine of thermal break aluminum profile and angle code saw of thermal break aluminum profile. Ensuring adequate air supply is a prerequisite for the use of the equipment. If the air pressure is not enough, the saw blade of the thermal break aluminum profile double head cutting saw will be affected, and the processing effect will also be affected accordingly. Generally speaking, a set of equipment for bridge breaking aluminum doors and windows can ensure that the air pressure can reach 8 pressure and the air flow can reach 0.3. If there are too many equipment, it is not enough to rely on air pump alone. We need to prepare one or two air tanks.

3. Check whether the connection of air compressor is firm to avoid air leakage.

4. Equipment: as there are many types of bridge breaking equipment for aluminum doors and windows, each equipment can have several types, so the inspection of door and window equipment is particularly important, such as the gas pipe plug of the cutting saw, the inlet and outlet of the saw blade, the left and right working state of the saw head, etc. Adjust the feed speed of the cutting saw blade of the door and window processing equipment. In the debugging process, if the feed speed of saw blade is too fast or too slow, the speed regulating valve on the feed cylinder of door and window equipment can be adjusted to obtain the appropriate feed speed.

Since we have bought the equipment back, we should take good care of it and make it work as much as possible. It is a kind of loss to avoid equipment problems caused by improper daily use.

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